Malaysian Chicken Hot Wrap

Malaysian Chicken Hot Wrap



Malaysian chicken wrap with free range chicken & vegetables cooked in a Mee Goreng curry sauce (Serve Hot)


Wrap (wheat flour, water, canola oil, wheat gluten, iodised salt, vinegar, preservative (282), vegetable gum (412), yeast), marinated chicken thigh (free range chicken (may contain bone fragments), marinade), potato, asian vegetable mix, water, onion, coconut cream, canola oil, spice (curry powder, curry leaf, turmeric, garam masala, star anise, cinnamon), ginger (contains sulphites), herbs (garlic paste, fresh coriander), egg, salt, stock (contains flavour enhancers (disodium guanylate & inosinate)), sugar, spring onion, diced tomato, chilli, tomato, crushed chilli, tamarind pulp


To keep our food chilled we have created a custom insulated box to keep the food cool while it’s being delivered to your door, we also use ice packs to ensure maximum chilled-ness.

In addition to this, we use the Perishable Items option for shipping through Courier Post, which ensures the packages are kept in a cool room until they are delivered to your door.

*Please make sure you are there to receive your package or have someone pop it in the fridge for you as you will need to get your meals into chilled storage once you've received them.